How to deal with birds predation when starting a Vineyard?

Starting a Vineyard is the dream for many wine and nature lovers that wish a successful life change. However, it requires a lot of knowledge, time and capital to become a great vineyard. At Lockbird, we may help you protect what you will grow from birds, one of the major concern of farmers. And if you need to, we'll be happy to connect you to professionals that will coach you and help you grow wonderful grapes.

Birds, depending on your area, it may be your N°1 loss issue

Vineyards are plenty of sweet fruits that are easy to pick for birds... tasty, and perfect for meal, in areas that are mostly not hunted. Your farm looks like a wonderful place to eat for birds. As farmers, you may love nature. However, if you do not treat this issue, nature will soon eat too many grapes, and leave you with no income.

Birds may eat up to 100% of your grapes

Letting birds eat from your grapes will reduce your wine production. And if nothing is done, it will be a potential complete loss for you. Vineyards that use no deterrent or poor deterrent systems report 50% or more losses in cases where the avian pressure is fairly high. Many farmers also underestimate this problem, and take actions too late when it is the first time it hits them.

Bird control solutions exist, ask for a specialist

There are plenty of solutions to try on the market, but they are not all adapted to your vineyard. You always have a choice, either you start trying solutions to check out which one fits (usually farmers start trying from the cheapest to the most expensive... and sometimes loose quite some production in the process), or you can ask for an expert to estimate your risk level and offer you potential solutions adapted to your vineyard. We obviously recommend you to rely on a specialist.

Lockbird offers consultation to farmers that wish to optimize their bird control

Lockbird, a bird deterrent specialist, offers consultation on the risks your vineyard is exposed to. To estimate it, the specialist will ask you questions about your farm, your location, your neighborhood, your observations... Compiling all these data, it will provide you with a risk report, and recommandations of tools that you should put in place. The advantage of Lockbird consultation, it's free, it's fast and it's reliable for you to gain knowledge at lower risks. If you wish to confirm Lockbird analysis, the company may put you in touch with other independant specialists.

To protect crops from birds, you do not always need nets

Nets are known to be the ultimate bird protection. And the truth is... it depends. Nets are pretty effective when it comes to bird control, but you need to purchase the right nets and install them the right way for them to be really effective. All these are important costs that may not be worth it. According to your avian pressure, different solutions are adapted and will lead to a similar results. Your crops will be protected.

Farmers, the lesson is, if you wish to ensure your wine production, protect it from birds. If you wish to protect your farm effectively, contact a specialist like Lockbird. Finally, choose an adapted system to your specific situation to have a successfull repellent strategy.

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