The most effective bird deterrent tools of 2017!

Here are the best bird deterrent tools of the year:

#1 Lockbird laser, best bird repellent tool

Lockbird's T-300 laser tower deters all types of birds in a radius of 200m. Particularly efficient at dawn til dusk, a more powerful model is available to make sure your area is safe even during the day. 

The laser technology allows Lockbird's bird repellent tools to cover a very large surface area in complete silence. The best out of it, birds do not get accustomed to the lasers. You can use it 24/7 all year long, and it remains just as efficient as on day 1.

Lockbird handswip

#2 The new Daddi Long Legs, a great bird repellent for small surfaces.

Though the Daddi Long Legs has been around as a tool for quite some time, the newest version has had quite the improvements. Rotation of the device has been added to the equation, allowing it to protect small targeted surfaces even more efficiently. The days where seagulls and pigeons find the right way to land between the legs of a daddy long legs are now over...

 Daddi Long legs Lockbird

#3 Bird spikes, still the best for a facade

Bird spikes, we all know them, and yet they're still in our top 3, year after year. Bird spikes are still one of the most efficient and cost-effective bird deterrent tools out there. They effectively protect facades and specific areas such as windows, balcony borders, rooftop borders from undesired avian visitors. Placing these spikes properly will prevent birds from landing on these areas.

Lockbird is always ready to recommend you with the best tools and strategies to deter birds. A mix of our lasers and bird spikes will give you the best protection against birds and assure maximum protection of a specific area. For example, to protect a rooftop, one could use a Lockbird Handswipe, in conjunction with birdspikes, to protect it entirely and continuously.

#4 Gas canons, still efficient if you use it in a mixed approach

Gas canons have been around for ages and improved a lot with the time. Noisier, controllable from a distance, a possibility of solar charges for more autonomy... they innovated a lot over the years. While they're still efficient against birds, the number of reported cases indicated that don't work has greatly increased in recent years. Reports indicate birds are increasingly getting accustomed to this technology.

At Lockbird, we just think you need to take a different approach... It has been proven that mixing noisy deterrents with visual repellents is the best combination. That's why we recommend using Lockbird's handheld laser, which is the best visual repellent, with gas canons in order to maximize the effectiveness of both systems.