Police officer nearly attacked by 30 wild Geese

These events occured in the UK, and were reported by this is local london, and frankly we don't know what to think about it... We are aware that geese may become violent with humans, attacking them, biting them also. However, shall we consider equipping police forces with Lockbird lasers?

Here are the reported news:

"Police face danger every day and they come across some pretty nasty characters.

They deal with murderers, robbers and drug dealers and so they always have to watch their backs.

But sometimes they have to take on baddies who aren't even human.

A police officer from Petts Wood and Knoll was walking through Priory Gardens in Orpington. The officer was approached by a gaggle of angry geese and had to make a hasty exit.

Police tweeted: "Almost got attacked by about 30 geese. Would’ve been embarrassing."

It's understood the birds will not be brought to stand in the front of "the beak."


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